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Blockchain Tech Conference, 2022

Event Date - August 5, 2022



Blockchain Hub Africa Partners with Buildspace, to Train Web3 Talents in Africa

Blockchain Hub Africa Partners with BuildSpace, one of the world's largest networks of web3 builders to train web3 Talents in Africa.

The evolution of technology brought about Blockchain, driving a decentralized community and a new financial system where users do not have the barrier of a central authority. Global adoption of this new goodness in technology is on the rise, and Africa will not be left to lag. To further drive the adoption of blockchain in Africa, Blockchain Hub Africa has partnered with Buildspace to develop more builders of the technology in the web3 space in Africa. 


Africa has been a technology consumer over time and contributes less to developing technologies. The widespread use of Blockchain technology has created a strong need for talent to help scale the technology and create more use-cases. At Blockchain Hub Africa, the adoption of blockchain in Africa and building the web3 talent pipeline is our core drive. 


Buildspace is a learning platform for developers looking to transition into the web3 space. Build space is one of the world's largest networks of web3 builders, with over 50,000 developers onboarded. 



Blockchainhub and Buildspace



With a growing web3 community, Blockchain Hub Africa is on the move to build a solid web3 talent pipeline, bridge the gap between transitioning from web2 into the web3 space, and foster blockchain adoption in Africa. This is why Blockchain Hub Africa is partnering with Buildspace to run a 3-month Web3 Development Learning Program.


What is the Web3 Development Learning Program? 


The Web3 Development Learning Program is a 3-month annual program that aims at providing a learning ground for web2 developers and help transition them into web3 and expose them to opportunities in the space. 

The learning program will include mentorship sessions, incentives, NFTs, and web3 job placements for top talents from the program. 

The application period begins on Thursday, April 21th, and concludes on Monday, May 9th, 2022.


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