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Blockchain Tech Conference, 2022

Event Date - August 5, 2022

Building Web3 Talents and Innovations

Our Mission

Blockchain Hub Africa, has set out to build Africa’s web3 talents, to become part of those building the Future of the internet. We also build innovative blockchain based solutions that aim to increase the adoption of the Blockchain technology in Africa.

Our Vision

To build Africa’s web3 talent pipeline and bridge the gap of transitioning into the web3 space to foster blockchain adoption in Africa.


Our goal is to raise bright minds in the Web3 ecosystem in Africa.

Africa has always been consumers of technology, and over the years, we contribute less to emerging technologies. Blockchain technology, as an emerging tech, has seen interest increase over the years and there is a high demand for talents(developers, designers, community managers, etc) to help build the tech and solutions on it, but there seems to be little to no supply of these talents from Africa. We set out to Build Blockchain Hub Africa to tackle this problem and build web3 talent pipeline, to make Africa become frontiers in the adoption of blockchain technology.

People Trained
Assets Managed
Community Members
Apps Developed


We are not just individuals but a community.

We believe in the power of community as a web3 company and that is why we value and believe in our Community.


Partnership with Buildspace to run a Web3 Internship

Blockchain Hub is Proud to announce a partnership with BuildSpace to grow web3 developers in Africa

Leading Hub for Africa's web3 talent and solutions. Helping Web3 companies build blockchain based solutions
Leading Hub for Africa's web3 talent and solutions. Helping Web3 companies build blockchain based solutions


Values will hold dear to our heart.


We like to believe that we are first a community oriented company, because without the community there won’t be Blockchain Hub Africa. We like to think that we are first a people oriented company before a service or product based company. At the core of our operations, we value the community


We derive joy in building out excellent web3 products. Our passion for excellence is seen in every of our products built for clients or the company.


Web3 is a growing technology and because of that we need to evolve as the tech evolves, this is what we believe at Blockchain Hub Africa, we are growth minded and this has been engrafted into the team members and our community at large.


The amazing talents at Blockchain Hub Africa are always kin on delivering creative strategies into solutions being built by us. The team prides itself in building creative web3 solutions.


The team works hard to uphold this Value in making sure projects are delivered according to and above clients expectations, which in turn makes us trustworthy as a company.


At Blockchain Hub Africa we hold ourselves to our word, when we say we are building world class web3 talents and solutions, we mean every word of it. This is one foundation we are building on and don;’t joke with.


What we have planned this year.

Web3 dev. Bootcamp '22

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Developer Conference '22

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