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Blockchain Tech Conference, 2022

Event Date - August 5, 2022



Blockchain Developers Conference, 2021

Blockchain came to the world subtly in 2009 when no one thought about the potential of such an innovation. 


The purchase of two Pizzas for 10,000 BTCs by Laszlo Hanyecz made the news but the meaning wasn't convincing yet. Then, Ethereum was launched in 2015 helping humanity see how much more can be done with blockchain and not just cryptocurrencies.


Down the line, dApps were being created with the help of smart contracts and the revolution picked up fast. Guess what? NFTs came in and within moments, what we used to know as JPEGs were transformed into multimillion-dollar digital assets. 


All these were happening in America and Europe especially. Africa wasn't fully involved in it apart from the adoption of Bitcoin for trading and making money.


Then after the lockdown of 2020, it became obvious that this technology will determine the direction of the global economy. We realized that there was a huge need to have an organization and an event that will help onboard the next African Blockchain Professionals starting with a focus on developers.


And so Blockchain Developers Conference, 2021 became the start of the new system for us at BlockchainHubAfrica to get the next talents from Africa to build products for the continent of over 1.4b people.


The event was held in Coal City, Enugu State, Nigeria; attracted more than 300 persons from more than three continents learning and connecting for about eight hours. It was so successful and has led to more projects that will be shared here over time.




  • Our Guests and Partners


We had the support of huge personalities and brands in the International blockchain space.


Joseph Peculiar, a Blockchain Solution Engineer working with and Earnathon.


Clement Hugbo, a Blockchain Product Designer, works with Indexcoop and leads the team at Crevatal.


Oluchi Enebeli also addressed the attendees. She's the founder of ladiesdotech, worked with BundleAfrica, and has more than 5 years in Software and Blockchain development.


Our Keynote Speaker was Medha Parklikar, CTO and Co-Founder of CasperLabs


Henry Chukwuka, the founder of Muna was part of the guests at the event. 


Austin Griffith, an experienced builder on Ethereum shared a lot with the entire team as well.


Ugochukwu Aronu, a tech phenomenon from Africa, and founder of XendFinance also shared blockchain insight with us.


Jude Dike, a top programmer with more than six years in the industry, was part of our guest. He's a Blockchain Engineer at EPNS.


Mayowa Tudonu, the founder of WalletCloud was part of the event. 


Partners at the event included XendFinance, Casper, CryptoTvPlus, Muna, Crevatal, Acex, and Enugu State Tech Hub.


That's not all…


Blockchain Developers Conference 2022 is coming soon!